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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 5, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> thank you very much. >> all sorts of problems buzz of the weather. not the least of, which trees are down. dozens in san francisco alone. and abc 7 news is live in the city tonight with a story and some remarkable pictures. >> this is a big storm, part of this fell over here. you can see, this must have been a big storm. part of the tree fell. the brampbls as you can see many of them fell. when we come back, i'm going to tell you who is going to be paying for it. talk about a rude awakening. a 100 foot tree crashed on to the house in san francisco russian hill neighborhood.
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one part of the tree speared through the9u'ñ couple bedroom. >> we woke up.osarç and thanksayp the loord we're e to talk to you about it. >> the main trunk fell into the backyard. the department of public works maintains and is responsible for about 40,000 neighborhood true autos we had a dozen trees coming down in san francisco. different neighborhoods. >> this black acacia fell on a prius. it happened on 25th avenue and lake street. it take a look this crew less than 20 minutes to cut it down. >> roof gets saturated. nature making a course after that. >> and that star as i told you before, a camery was totalled.
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this happened at geary and 14th by the way. in richmond district. i was going to tell you who is going pay for it. accord together owner, the city has promised to pay for the car. i'm rif in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> worried about you among those trees there, thank you very much. today's wet weather is affecting drivers all over the bay area, right now part of the great highway in san francisco is closed. you can see why. southbound lanes between lincoln and slow closed no. word on when lanes will reopen. a accident closed lanes of the golden gate bridge this morning you can see what a mess that was. before 8:00 driver going southbound hit a car traveling northbound. that hit another car. three people were injured but the lanes closed for 45 minutes. that messed up the commute.
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thousands of us were stuck in the traffic jam, my car just sat there. by normal commute half an hour, took me an hour and a half. others suffered through two-hour delay autos work continues to fix a giant sink hole opening up after heavy rain this weekend. just one of many problems. nick smith is live with the story. >> good evening. the sink hole down the street from where i'm standing now. crews have been coming back and forth doing repair buzz work they're doing is only temporary fix. that is the sound of progress. crews working to repair the damage caused by this sink hole.
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>> i think that this is cool. in my life this, never happen autos the friends wanted to see the huge hole in his long eight years never happened before. >> this just went on and on. >> crews working to stabilize what repains. affects of the rain could be found other places, too. this view have fr sky 7 shows how runnoff flooded lanes three and four on web 580 near park boulevard. >> this caused traffic back up on highway 880. forcing build up. the rain had assistance, rooted roots and saturated soil were a tragic mix for this tree. residents woke to a crash just after 7:00 a.m. the weight and size of the
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tree is tearing a hole in this home. this roof in maxwell park lost a retaining wall. it became too much for brick to handle. crews finished their work today will be back in the morning. i mentioned how work they're doing was only a temporary fix. that is because they haven't decided what the long term solution should be. >> there is good news is santa cruz county. crews managed to open the road. half of the road slipped away in the storm. one resident told us drivers can expect slow going. >> you know from experience it's going to take many months for them to get that repaired. >> now, in scott'a2v1ñ valley el
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rancho drive was closed. pg&e crews are working at nine different incidents in the count yeet. a mess on sausalito boulevard this afternoon. crews cleaned up a tree. therren boulevard expected to be closed about four hours. that boulevard is back open tonight. in sonoma county more fallen trees. this giant oak crashed down on to ben yet valley road, closing that road five hours. nearly residents say it's been a nuisance and are thankful nobody was hurt. there is a program to clear a tough time keeping up with storms. >> wet worth weather could be the reason a phone outage took place in the fire department. most of the lines were knocked out of service this morning.  affect 911not,a calls. phones back in service by about 11:00 today.
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this fire department spokesperson says a similarç))ny weather. that problem was caused by cables got wet at the department distach center. keep in mind if you have storm deal yaited pictures to share we want to see them and put them on the air. >> late today, san francisco police announced they've broken the back of a4tu major stolen property fencing ring targeting high tech electronics. take a look at the:rt÷ items. investigators say this should be a warning. >> right. these arrests just announced. they were made last week, rather, just announced today. police chief calling it a spectacular piece of police work that had crippled part of
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the plaigs that dealt in electronics like this. >> if this is yours it's part of a haul of stolen goods police have confiscated. >> over 100 plus cell phones. 75 plus lap tops. cameras. >> a thousand items went from half a million to $2 million most taken from car break ins in san francisco and oakland. police got a break in this case last month. an auto burglary at this parking garage was caught on video leading police to this apartment in san francisco tender loin. they made three arrests. >> we believe that this ring is a smaller part of a bigger ring. that we've put a dent in person that's break into car autos taken into custody
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24-year-old brothers victor and henry gamboa and a 23-year-old facing felony charges. what you see is just a portion but photos have been taken of everything. from a louie vuitton backpack police believe the suspects used to stash the victim electronics to lap tops, tools. we have a link on our web site showing the stolen goods. if you have identifying information you can recover your things. district attorney hopes this stash will be a warning for everyone this time of the year.[ha >> this is a holiday period. many of the things were taken because they were ease dwree grab. >> and again, if you would wo like to take a look you can go to our web site. look under see it on tv.
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live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a former narcotics officer faces prison time after offering a builty plea today. norman welsh admitted to five felonies. he also stole cash and cell phones from prostitutes. his lawyer want people to remember positives but service on the force. . sr is that norm welsh did serve the public in an honorable way fr a number of years. and then, he did go bad. he hasn't denied that. >> he'll be sentenced in february. two others were serving prison terms. >> a man took a picture of san francisco supervisor scott
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weiner in the bathroom has evñ ordt away from the supervisor. he says he snapped that photo october 26th. he said in the blog weiner finished toodlf=st to get a good photo. today he pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge. the judge ordered him to stay away from weiner. he took the picture to protest the fight against public nudity. >> cal announces who will coach the football team. >> a driving first for california lawmakers went away. but not before some officials passed a buck to taxpayers. >> how to gaufrd who facebook shares your information w stay with us. news continues here on abc 7 in just a moment.
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>> it looks like cal has a new football coach. as he first told you at 4:00 san francisco chronicle reporting that louisiana tech sony dykes will be named new head football coach at cal. our sources say he's meeting now to break news with player autos and he's known for wide open offense, which cal fans and players should find refreshing. >> might be a nice change. we're expecting a news conference tomorrow, stay tuned. >> and a dozen state lawmakers have had repairs done on their cars just before buying them when the state top stopped providing free car autos ap is reporting that legislatures spent about $78,000 on oil changes routine mate nens and
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fixing dents. the commission says they didn't do anything wrong. >> as long as cars were in the possession of the legislature and major repairs while doing them, that should be okay. >>d: the commission says it will investigate to make sure all rules were complied with. >> the federal government file aid lawsuit against makers of a baby recliner blamed on the death of five people. >> it's a consumer alert. >> the complaint by the consumer products safety commission charges the new model of the nap nanny and two earlier versions of being dangerous. the portable recliner has been blamed for five deaths. two previous models recalled back in 2010. the new version is known as the chill. the commission asking for an order requiring nap nanny maker to notify the public about the product defect and
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offer consumers a full refund. big kaimpkz may be ahead for facebook unless users act now. the company wants to be able to share your data with businesses like instagram. wants to change the way you control who sends you messages. users being asked to vote on the change but unless 300 million people vote results will not be binding. ah, ha. you have until monday to let the company know how you feel. facebook posted a voting app on its site this, is the last chance to apply to get 25s fdz you bought a lap top or lcd television before 2006. the deadline is tomorrow, now, this is part of a $1.1 billion settle nmt a lawsuit against 10 companies, the suit charge companies conspired to inflate charges if you bought a device
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between 1999 and 2006, you're eligible for $25,ñ4( maybe even as much as $200 and you don't need to have a receipt. we have a link to that claim form on abc 7 it would be tough to live in the bay area and not have bought a flat screen during that period. so we'll really. go and fill it out. get the money that is right fully yours. >> interesting you don't need a receipt. >> yes. that is one of the things they fought out in court. no receipt needed. >> i've seennggñw those things y send you a form you still out stuff. >> it's not too bad. it's all online. they don't send it to you. you fill it out right there. >> thank you very much. >> yes. >> and listen to this. eddie murphy at the top of a dubious list of the most overpaid actors. akordzing to forbes he brought in $2.30 for each dollar paid. magazine looks at the return on investment based on last
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three movies. movie just the top of the list. look at this. this is the top five according to >> i liked eddie murphy. the moon and probably earth as well, more fiercely bomb warded by space debris announcing the moon is badly pock marked and crust just ta miles thick. sounds thick but it's thinner than scientists thought. nasa presented findings in a san francisco meeting of the american geo physical union. ebb and flow will continue to study the [oi moon until they crash into the surface of the moon this month. >> well, let's go outside and take a look at the sky. >> it's breaking up a little bit. sandhya patel is live.b3g4ñ
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>> hi dan and cheryl. i have live doppler 7 to keep me head of the storm. it's dry out here, bewe do have low level moisture in the wake of the storm. so we're going to see some fog tonight into tomorrow morning commute. as look towards the bay you can see clouds starting to break up a little bit. checking out live doppler 7 hd still watching showers. veryf0zkykccppsññi
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sunny day as head turning milder this weekend. here is a look at satellite radar. you can see a cold front came through and is now on the way out. high pressure building in. you can know what this means for your weekend. we're looking at a nice, dry pattern. tonight looking for possibility of residual showers, then, tomorrow morning we're looking at fog. you can see it 5:00 a.m. thursday, make sure you give extra time for morning commute. could be slow going. right now sfo reporting delays around two hours due to low ceilings. this may be a case again, in the morning, temperatures in morning mid 40s to low 50s. bundle up, make sure little ones have jackets heading off to school. afternoon highs 62 in the
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south bay. 63 los gatos, peninsula, beautiful day. 59 in pacifica. it's going to be 60 degree day in downtown san francisco. sunset district 59. about where you should be. north bay communities 61 in santa rosa. vallejo, 60 degrees, east bay, berkeley, 60. oakland, 62 with union city. inland communities, nice, sunny bright day. monterey bay 60s in monterey. tomorrow is the big day. the raiders will be taking on broncos tomorrow night. sun going down when that came your way. dropping to mid-50s at 8:30. abc 7 news will be carrying thatly. i'll be a part of it with weather forecast. here is a look at that weather forecast. accu-weather forecast, dry for football tomorrow. we're looking at sunny skies
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heading into weekend. temperatures coming up low to mid-60s for your weekend. still change expected monday. take a look at the sunshine tuesday, wednesday. mid-60s. really as of right now, we're looking at dry patterns to last for a while no. storms in sight. not when you look at compute mod wells. pretty much wash your cars. live from roof of the kgotv broadcast center i'm sandhya patel. >> you're never wrong. but day your hair is going get wet. >> it's fridays factor. can you tell? >> thank you. >> coming up here, search for some grinches. >> yes. they stole christmas from a local boy
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>> redwood city police arresting a man with a gun this morning. police say the officer was on routine patrol. the man weaved a weapon at him. after a chase, police say they arrested a vagrant armed with what turned out to be a bege -- bebe gun. >> workers noticed a thousand dollars worth of things missing from the moraga avenue tree lot. someone grabbed a fence, climbed a fence, grabbed reeds and a heater used by volunteers. proceeds of the lot benefits boy scout and cub scout troops. >> a study says we're livingúmñ longer thanks to a drop in air pollution. the study foundiúñ ever decreasing levels of what is fin called mine particulate matter. the lower pollution increased
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life expectancy by four month as cording to the stud eye. we'll take it raiders day begins twod a pregame edition of abc 7 news at 6:30. we get thing goesing tomorrow with larry beil hosting a special pregame show at 4:00 tomorrow. raiders÷i@ greats lincoln kenny and rod woodson will join for that. the coverage begins live airing here on abc 7 of the once the game is finished they'll return with after the game. and there is more. then, it's abc programming, grey's anatomy airing at 9:00 followed by scandal at 10:00, last resort at 11:00 then we'll join us for a special edition of abc 7 news at midnight. past our bed times. >> yes. a great evening. we have more still to come. governor brown is a special guest. >> will be lighting capitol christmas tree tonight. stay with us. we'll wrap things up h
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coming up at 6:00 cleaning up after the storm. massive efforts that will be seen for a while. the new efforts to drive through trucks -- food trucks out of one neighborhood. a man cashing in without selling a single meal. >> we're going through a fwhuns a generation shift. >> it's called tchl v everywhere. later how a companyau&[& bring the programs you want to your abc 7 news at 6:00. >> thank you. see you shortly. >> new, lighting ceremony for capitol christmas tree underway. >> it looks cool. we want to show you a live picture, they just lit the tree. let's see if we can hear a little bit. >> yeah. a few special guests helped decorate it. take a look.
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are we going to have that? kids and adult was developmental disabilities helped create ornament autos the tree has about 500 ornaments at 10,000 light bulbs. >> 10-year-old autistic boy from orange county turned on the li.s two older brothers also with autism. >> the family says this is the first vacation as a family. >> glatd we got to see that. thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here, we'll see you again in half an hour. this is "world news." tonight, boiling point. a brand new alert about the melting ice at the north pole. and also tonight, america in search of something that is missing. what has happened to all the snow? new hope. a change in the use of a breast cancer drug could make a big difference for some of the thousands of people fighting the disease. made in america. we tak


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